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Keywords are Essential

Not all Keywords are Created Equal.


Search engines have come a long way over the last several years.  Long gone are the days of stuffing the same keyword everywhere in text to get a high Google ranking.  Search engines are becoming more and more sophisticated.  Actual quality content combined with a specific balance of anchor text containing keywords and relevant content in the post the link connects to.

Our Portland SEO services typically involves some investigative research to generate a list of the best keywords for a website.  Linking keywords to relevant articles, blogs, and other relevant content will help to boost a domains ranking.  In addition to improving the ranking, it helps to ensure that a visitor’s time on site will increase.   The length of time a user spends on a site is a ranking factor as well.  The longer a user stays on the site the better it is for ranking.

Purchased AdWords, also referred to as PPC (pay per click).  PPC is expensive and typically used by corporations that have a large advertising budget.  The alternative is to use organic SEO techniques that will raise a sites ranking naturally over time.  Developing effective keywords for a specific business issimply a matter of determining what a potential customer might put into the search engine.  Some keywords are more inclined to convert a visitor.  For example, if a company targets a keyword that is a proprietary brand it makes sense that the internet user has already done research on that product and is more inclined to purchase.

Developing effective keywords begins with a seed list of starting terms.  Those terms are then entered into various research tools.  These tools offer other possibilities and variants of the seed terms.  Words that lead to conversions is the most logical thing to consider because that tends to offer an instant increase in sales.  They should gradually become not brand specific and more general.  This will bring in new users that may not know a company’s specific product or brand.  This opens up the opportunity to gain even more customers and further increase the ROI of SEO costs.

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