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Increase Website Traffic

For many website owners who are new to the online world, wondering what search engine optimization (SEO) can do for your online business is common. The truth is, as a Portland SEO Consultant we can do wonders for your business. Expanding brand awareness and increasing profit are two of them. Investing in SEO is just like investing in other marketing materials such as postcards or online ads, however, there is no greater return than the one you will receive from increasing online traffic to your website.  As a local Portland SEO consultant we can help.

Forward Thinking

In these modern times, data is becoming the new currency of successful businesses.  Understanding how to use all of this data is more important than ever before.  Creating a website is only the beginning of creating an online presence that will result in more sales.  Developing a website in a way that search engines recognize the value of its content requires a forward thinking approach.  As a local Portland SEO consultant, we can help your business increase visibility and increase high value traffic.

Problem Solvers

Understanding the question is the first step towards solving any challenge.  We believe in fostering a partnership with our clients through listening to all questions, concerns, and goals before proposing a solution.  There is not a one-size fits all answer to generate increased sales and profit.  Epic Hitz will develop a working plan for success, which is unique to each client.  Problems are only opportunities in disguise.  Let us help you unmask the hidden opportunities.

Customer Service

We are dedicated to providing only the best SEO services.  Our client’s needs are important to us.  We are here to enhance your business’s brand though visibility and recognition while enjoying sustained growth.   Routine website audits help to improve website design and improve search engine rankings.  Although it may sound cliche, “our success depends on your success.”

The Goal

Create a website that adds value to the internet community through quality content. As search engines become increasingly sophisticated achieving a higher search engine ranking is simply a matter of publishing unique quality content. Building and strengthening a Brand through social media marketing, blogs, and quality website content.

  • SEO Strategy 90%
  • Internet Marketing 80%
  • Website Optimization 90%
  • Customer Happiness 90%
Portland SEO Consultant

Portland SEO Consultant

Bruce Williams - Owner

A Portland SEO consultant Bruce first developed a passion for Search Engine Optimization and Web Design while earning his Bachelors of Science degree in Information Technology.  The result was “Epic Hitz.”  Prior to offering Portland SEO services he enjoyed many years as an outside sales consultant specializing in value added systems which helped his customers improve their bottom line profits. Bruce is currently studying for his Masters degree in Business Intelligence and Analytics.  The culmination of his experience and education continues to add profit to his clientele.

Portland SEO Analyst

Portland SEO Analyst

BJ Grant - Content Developer

BJ’s interest in research and writing has been a good fit for Epic Hitz. She enjoys working with the team to create relevant SEO content.
BJ’s love of writing has followed her throughout her life even from childhood where she enjoyed writing short stories and currently developing content and blog posts for her own website under construction, Magickal Shakti.
When she’s not working with Epic Hitz BJ enjoys vegetable gardening, drumming, yoga and bellydance.

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