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Website Audit

Our free website audit can reveal opportunities to improve your pages search engine ranking.

Keyword Development

A successful keyword campaign will help focus in on high conversion keywords.  It is not enough to just increase your sites traffic.  You want traffic that is there to buy.  Conversion keywords will do just that.

Link Building

Link building helps users navigate your site more easily and keeps them there longer.  This form of link building is internal links. External (Back links) links originate on another site and link back to your site.  Quality back links are a very in important search engine ranking factor.

Website Optimization

The time it takes a page to load into a browser is another important ranking factor.  The faster a page loads the better.  Using specific website optimization methods page speed can be increased.  Faster pages rank better.

SEO Services Plan at a Glance

Services offered by Epic Hitz (click on image).

SEO Services Plan
SEO audit

Free SEO Audit

To receive a free SEO audit of your site just click the button and contact us.  You can also use some of our free tools by clicking here and  scrolling down to the free tools section.

Website Design

Epic HItz can build a website and install all of the keywords and optimization from the very beginning. It makes more sense to build a site that uses SEO principles as part of its foundation.   To learn more about our web design services click the button below.

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